The Best Cannabis Packaging Options for Edibles

Cannabis edibles have increasingly gained popularity across the country, becoming one of the top preferred products consumed by dispensary shoppers. According to a PR Newswire study, over half of the surveyed cannabis users (52%) say they prefer to consume cannabis in the form of a gummy, and 30% of consumers prefer chocolate or another form of food.  

On top of the rising demand and the plethora of assorted cannabis edible products on the market, edible packaging itself plays a significant role in the consumer’s shopping experience – which ultimately influences purchasing choices. 

As a leading packaging solutions provider, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the many variations of cannabis edible packaging, plus the top 4 trends to find on today’s dispensary shelves:

The Variations of Cannabis Edible Packaging

In the past five years, the cannabis industry has witnessed remarkable advancements and innovations in its products. The evolution of cannabis edibles, in particular, has been noteworthy, with a significant expansion in the variety and types of infused products available.

With innovative cannabis products such as infused butter, brownie mix, juice beverages, decadent gummies, refreshing mints, or homemade chocolate – it’s hard to imagine all of these products coming with the same form of edible packaging! 

The market of cannabis packaging has, therefore, had to evolve with the products, resulting in variations of child-resistant cannabis edible packaging that fits any form of food.

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Edible Tins 

Child-resistant cannabis packaging tins are a great choice for gummies or other edible products, from everything to infused chocolates, sugary hard candies, and teas. Child-resistant tins are reusable and versatile, meeting the demand of sustainability standards while being a reliable packaging solution to keep these cannabis edibles airtight preserving the freshness of the product.

Edible Pouches 

On the other hand, edible pouches are a handy packaging option for infused gummies and snacks. Premium product pouches have certified airtight zip seals and high-barrier materials to keep any edibles preserved for product freshness and prevent moisture or odor. More and more, cannabis companies are now turning to home and industrial compostable edible pouches helping to reduce the plastics landfill. Pouches also feature plenty of real estate to show off your brand’s identity with captivating graphic design.

Paper Boxes 

Paper box packaging for cannabis edibles is available in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Paper box packaging is usually designed for hard candies and chocolates. Chocolates are often wrapped in a tray or inner pouch for additional freshness. Boxes can be made rigid with printed wraps utilizing multiple bespoke decorations.  Boxes are often printed on superior presses giving top brands the ability to creatively represent their product. Additionally, there are plenty of sustainable packaging options when it comes to paper box packaging for edibles.

Jars & Bottles 

Recently, glass or plastic jars and bottles have become a common form of packaging for cannabis edibles. This is especially true for non-traditional cannabis products, such as infused beverages, condiments, or tinctures. Whether it’s more of a liquid or solid-based infusion – jars and bottles for cannabis edibles help to preserve the freshness of these products while also allowing for easy resealing, enabling multiple uses.

The Importance of Child-Resistant Products 

No matter the type of cannabis packaging your edible product needs, there is one feature that all edible products must have: child-resistant closures. 

Child-resistant packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of cannabis edibles for children. The goal is to keep cannabis products away from children through packaging closures that are safe and resealable. By incorporating child-resistant features in cannabis edibles packaging we therefore help prevent accidental ingestion or consumption by children. 

Child-resistant packaging includes locking lids for edible tins, push-and-turn caps for jars and bottles, buttons on boxes, and resealable zippers. While child-resistant packaging can sometimes be difficult for even adults to open, it protects the young ones around us. Ultimately, making sure your edible packaging is child-resistant will reduce the risk associated with accidents and keep our children safe.

All of Treeform’s packaging solutions are certified child-resistant. We also conduct rigorous quality control procedures to ensure your packaging meets the highest standards.

Top 4 Trends in Edibles Packaging 

In a saturated market with high consumer demand, cannabis brands must find unique ways to stand out on the dispensary shelf. Here are the top 4 trends in cannabis edible packaging you’ll find today: 

1. Sustainability Matters 

Consumers and companies alike are speaking out about the need for more sustainable materials and operations in the cannabis industry. Especially with this increasing awareness of environmental issues, eco-friendly edible packaging options have become increasingly popular. Compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials not only make a more positive impact on the environment but create a deeper connection between the consumer, the product, and the planet. Airtight compostable pouches or reusable tins can preserve the quality of your product more sustainably. 

2. Dosage Control 

Like child-resistant packaging, another harm reduction feature for cannabis edibles includes dosage control. For premade and predosed cannabis products, consumers should be aware of the exact amount being ingested.  Precise micro-dosing information on the edibles packaging will help consumers make better-informed decisions regarding their desired dose. In all, dosage control on edible products ensures a safe and controlled cannabis experience. Labeling must also include precise amounts of THC and CBD content in products, along with all the ingredients, nutritional information, and suggested serving size of each edible product. 

3. Strong Brand Identity and Personality 

Like any first impression, the packaging of your product is the first detail any shopper will see of your brand. Unique and visually appealing packaging design is of utmost importance to distinguish your brand from a competitive market. At Treeform, we’ve seen the most innovative and creative cannabis edible brands incorporate custom shapes, bespoke features, and vibrant colors to create a memorable and out-of-the-box packaging experience for consumers. Luckily, Treeform Packaging Solutions offers one of the widest varieties of cannabis packaging material options, plus we offer complimentary design with our talented graphic design team to make your creative branding visions come to life. 

4. Convenience & Portability

Imagine the variety of cannabis products you have available. Some of these products, such as infused ice creams or lollipops, are typically one-time consumption products. On the other hand, products such as THC chocolate bars or a pack of CBD mints may be opened and used for multiple doses. Because of the various uses and applications of cannabis edibles, the most innovative packaging trends are showing features of convenience and portability to make opening and carrying these multi-use products easier for adults (but still difficult for children). 

Treeform: Innovative Edible Packaging for Premiere Cannabis Products 

Cannabis edible packaging comes in various factors to cater to different products and consumer preferences. Our packaging solutions are designed to provide maximum protection and freshness, all in an appealing presentation that reflects your product and brand. From yummy gummies or chocolate or a delicious drink, our cannabis edible packaging options are food-safe and are also available in sustainable options, all with the consumer and product in mind. 

Treeform Packaging Solutions offers customizable packaging options – from cannabis edible pouches, paper boxes, tins, glass jars, plastic containers, and bottles – all with child-resistant and customizable features to make the product packaging your own. 

Are you interested in learning more about our cannabis packaging solutions? Contact us today to speak to a representative about your packaging options! Follow us on Instagram for more about the latest trends and designs in cannabis packaging!



They say first impressions matter. If you’ve put the work into creating an innovative cannabis product, you need a captivating packaging solution to match! All of Treeform’s cannabis packaging options are designed to preserve the freshness and quality of your product while showcasing its unique value to curious consumers. Our extensive suite of cannabis packaging options includes child-resistant features and sustainable material options fortins, pouches, jars, tubes, and boxes. No matter the cannabis product type, Treeform has a custom packaging solution you can trust.