The Importance of Sustainability in Cannabis Packaging

Every service, product, industry, and person has an opportunity to practice sustainability.

For the cannabis industry, this opportunity often looks greener than others. This is because of the conversation that often stems around cannabis and sustainability.

This budding industry requires the care and growing of plants. Why would any operation not want to benefit or protect the environment in the process?

Most industry producers have options available about how these sustainable efforts can occur. When it comes to product packaging, more eco-friendly options will elevate brand identity and reflect one’s commitment to sustainability in cannabis.

Learn about the importance of sustainability in cannabis product packaging. Plus, how Treeform Packaging Solutions offers custom cannabis packaging done right!

Cannabis & Sustainability: Why It Matters

Industry leaders understand the debate between environmental sustainability and cannabis. Often viewed as a natural product, there are still many elements of the industry that remain extremely water and energy intensive or cause a great amount of waste.

With cannabis business regulations to this mix, you’ll find business owners jumping over obstacles to achieve environmental compliance and disclose their brand’s sustainable efforts.

The rapid growth of this industry gives brands and companies a stronger interest to put their own sustainable practices in place.

First Impressions with Cannabis Packaging 

As a product producer in the cannabis industry, there are three important key details to a good first impression to consumers:

    •  label design
    • material used
    • overall packaging look

Consider all the time, energy, money, and care put into preparing your cannabis product to hit e-commerce retail or dispensary shelves.

Why should it be shoved into a plastic bag or box…inside another box…inside another one?

This industry has a chance to become more proactive in their cannabis sustainability efforts. This can happen by bringing more eco-friendly packaging materials into the hands of brands.

Many brands are showing dedicated efforts toward a more sustainable industry by implementing:

    • recycled materials
    • compostable paper packaging
    • other sustainable packaging details or materials



Best Materials for Sustainable Cannabis Packaging 

Like the many elements of brand identity and branding design, exploring the range of sustainable options elevates and enhances the look and value of any cannabis product or brand!

Check out some of these high-quality, eco-friendly product packaging options for cannabis:

Cannabis Tins

Often used for cannabis products such as edibles, gummies, or prerolls, cannabis tin packaging is an excellent way to promote recycled, reusable, sustainable packaging. It’s more unique than your typical plastic cannabis jar or pouch. Cannabis tins offer a sleek and protective way to carry your cannabis product. 



Most edible tins you’ll find come with child-resistant packaging for products to stay accessible to consumers. This also helps maintain the total freshness of the product. Many consumers will often reuse a cannabis tin package for other products or storage – making it even more reusable for multiuse.

Recycled Paper Products 

For all industries, the use of recycled or hemp paper products is an efficient way to contribute sustainable efforts in your business. Any sort of recycled paper product packaging means it has been manufactured with reclaimed, non-virgin materials that have been used once already in another product form. Alternatively, other paper product options are also biodegradable and compostable.

With hemp or recycled paper, there’s many ways it can be implemented in your cannabis product packaging:

    • boxes and packages for cannabis vapes
    • packages for flower
    • edible packaging
    • used as recycled canvas to display graphic design, information, or promote brand identity on a label 

No matter how it’s used, it’s no secret that incorporating eco-friendly papers in your cannabis packaging is positively impacting the planet: each ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees. 


Glass Cannabis Jars & Bottles

 Considering its great potential for recycling or reuse, a recent survey revealed that glass packaging is the top choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Glass jars are often identified as packaging for most healthy food and beverage options, and with cannabis, this is no different.

For flower, tinctures, beverages and oil, cannabis glass jars and bottles are the ideal sustainable option designed to protect and preserve your cannabis product. Available in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and glass colors, cannabis jars and dispensary bottles are reusable and consumer-friendly for all.




Treeform’s Packaging: Designed with Sustainability in Mind

This new industry for cannabis is constantly progressing with innovative ideas and product design. Long gone are the traditional days of ziploc bags or old prescription pill bottles, cannabis brands now have full access to an infinite variety of cannabis product eco-packaging options.

Not only does sustainability in cannabis packaging help to preserve resources and the environment, but it draws consumers and a community towards the impact your product has. A survey showed 30% of consumers are willing to spend more on products and packaging they consider sustainable and better for the environment.

Luckily, Treeform’s catalog of cannabis packaging makes it a one-stop shop for all your sustainable packaging needs. From cannabis tins, bottles, glass jars, biodegradable and compostable pouches and hemp and recycled paper boxes…why wouldn’t you choose the more sustainable option?

As the leader in custom cannabis packaging, Treeform Packaging Solutions is here to create products that resonate with your brand’s value and help your creative vision or company’s sustainability goal come to life.

Explore our cannabis packaging solutions and contact our team to learn about our cannabis graphic design services!