What makes our team so special?

Creativity. At Treeform, we believe creativity knows no bounds. Our team of graphic designers is always pushing the boundaries to bring unique and innovative ideas to life. With an insatiable appetite for knowledge, our designers stay ahead of the latest trends, always learning and growing. When working with our cannabis clients, we understand the importance of capturing their vision and mission, adhering to brand standards, sustainability requirements, budgets, timelines, and expectations to create something truly special.

Consistency. At Treeform, we believe that consistency is key. From sustainable cannabis packaging to online media, we make sure that everything we create for you aligns with your branding identity and adheres to your style guide. If you don’t have a clear branding identity, our team can help bring your vision to life and establish a consistent look and feel for your brand.

Problem-Solving. Our cannabis packaging designers don’t just make things look good, they make things work. With a knack for problem-solving, our team is never afraid of a challenge and loves to find creative solutions to even the most complex design challenges.

Communication. Good design is rooted in good communication, and at Treeform, we believe that communication is key. You’ll have direct access to your dedicated designer, and with the support of your Account Executive, you can be assured that your project is always in good hands. If the first designs don’t quite hit the mark, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that the final product meets your vision and expectations.

We believe design is a process

We prototype and iterate

We collaborate and innovate

Unleash Your Creativity with Complimentary Cannabis Design Services from Treeform



Our cannabis packaging company is passionate about helping you to showcase your brand in the best light possible. Allow us to assist you in defining your brand vision, identifying your target audience, clearly communicating your brand promise, and establishing your brand mission. Our team of talented cannabis focused graphic designers will bring your rough ideas to life, creating a comprehensive and professionally executed brand representation that truly represents you. Let’s bring your vision to life together. Contact your account executive today at (800) 337-9630 to get started.

Revolutionary Structural Engineering – Every Detail Considered

Treeform offers complimentary Structural Engineering and design.

As a leading cannabis packaging supplier, our structural engineers don’t just design, they innovate. With every consideration and concern at the forefront of their minds, they create structural designs that are not just practical, but inspired. From the intended use of the packaging, to shipping destinations, branding, budgets, sustainability, costs, and manufacturing needs, our engineers take all factors into account to bring you the best possible solution.

When you receive a rendering or 3D concept from us, you can be confident that it’s been crafted for optimal production, speed to market, and fits within your budget and timeline. And the best part? This exceptional level of packaging service is offered to you completely complimentary.