The Potential of Magic Mushroom Packaging

The emerging psychedelic industry is undergoing a transformative renaissance, promising groundbreaking breakthroughs in decriminalization and legalization while offering a wide range of therapeutic possibilities. Yet despite the ongoing studies and scientific proof these natural substances have shown, the realm of psychedelics, specifically magic mushrooms or psilocybin, currently exists in a regulatory gray area in many parts of the world.

As the therapeutic potential of psychedelics continues to gain recognition, there is a growing parallel to the cannabis industry – one that requires standards in psychedelic products and packaging.

In this exploration of this newly developing psychedelic industry, we will delve into the therapeutic promise of psilocybin, the ongoing evolution of regulations, and the profound impact this industry has had on positively impacting mental health.


California’s Latest Updates in Psychedelic Legalization 

In its current legal state, no one can apply for a business license to sell psilocybin. However, California may allow the cultivation, manufacturing, selling, possessing, transporting, and operation of psilocybin mushroom businesses by 2025.

On September 7th of this year, California became one step closer to legalizing all psychedelic and plant-based medicines, including psilocybin and magic mushrooms.

Senate Bill 58 was approved by a vote of 42-13, which aims to eliminate criminal charges for individuals who personally possess and use limited amounts of the plant medicines psilocybin, psilocin, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and mescaline. The bill would also initiate a regulatory procedure to develop policy suggestions for the therapeutic application of psychedelics.

“California’s veterans, first responders, and others struggling with PTSD, depression, and addiction deserve access to these promising plant medicines.”

How MAPS is Making an Impact 

Lindsay Robinson is currently the new Director of Development for MAPS – the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. 

She was the former executive director at the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA. Robinson worked on policy reform for cannabis businesses across the country. Prior to working with CCIA, she served as Director of Development at the Marijuana Policy Project. Her efforts towards drug policy reform and fundraising have helped establish dozens of state-wide efforts that have transformed the legal landscape of cannabis in the United States.

Today, MAPS and Lindsay Robinson’s advocacy, fundraising, and strategic planning in cannabis are what will help shape the future of the legal psychedelic market.

“At MAPS, we believe psychedelics are powerful tools for healing the psyche. For the past 37 years, our clinical trials have shown the benefits and potential of psychedelics in hopes to rewrite their cultural context. It’s our mission to create a world where psychedelics and cannabis become available for safe, legal, and beneficial uses, and governed by rigorous scientific evaluation.”

Why Mushroom & Plant Medicine Therapies Matter 

The continuously groundbreaking revolution in psychedelic plant therapy offers a ray of hope for those battling depression and other mental health disorders. Specifically with psychedelics and psilocybin, clinical studies and trials have tested their consistently remarkable efficacy in treating depression.

  • A 2016 clinical study at Johns Hopkins found single doses of psilocybin led to lasting reductions in depression and anxiety in cancer when administered to patients under controlled conditions.
  • A 2020 study in JAMA Psychiatry found a sustained reduction in depression symptoms in people with major depressive disorder who were exposed to psilocybin therapy.

These clinical trials and more are promising outcomes that spur the exploration of psilocybin as a potential therapeutic tool for a range of mental health conditions – not to mention expanding the ideas and creations of innovative mushroom packaging and products along the way.

The Emerging Mushroom & Psychedelic Industry 

Expansive scientific research and shifts in societal perspectives are shedding light and insight into the therapeutic potential of psilocybin and mushrooms. Even though this industry is certainly in the early stages of its birth, it’s expected to follow a similar, if not quicker, trajectory to the cannabis industry.

With that being said, numerous regulations and policies around consumer safety, product transparency, and psychedelic packaging regulations will need to be established.

What is the Current State of Mushroom Packaging? 

Due to the newly emerging legal market, regulations and rules regarding psychedelic product packaging are not federally established or standardized. Considering their recreational use and potential for substance misuse or harm, these products should be manufactured and labeled with proper caution.

Brands and companies in the magic mushroom or psychedelic industry can consider responsible product packaging and branding strategies to ensure a safe and responsible user experience. When looking for psychedelic packaging, consider the following tips (which you’ll find familiar from another plant-based industry):

  • Child-resistant and tamper-evident features will be a packaging priority for psilocybin products. Similar to the cannabis industry, child-resistant packaging will help keep these products in the right hands while preserving the product. Clear warnings and educational directions or information about the product on the packaging will help inform your consumers on the proper usage and possible risks.
  • Get creative with branding your product! Especially in the conversation of magic mushrooms, there is so much potential for fun psychedelic branding and graphic art design. Unique and intricately detailed designs will be used to not only convey the product and its quality but the overall vibe of the brand.

Although it’s fun to get creative, it’s also important to consider the tough marketing lawsuits and disputes that may occur, as they have for the cannabis industry. Instead, brands will often focus on promoting natural health and wellness through psilocybin.

  • Also similar to cannabis, the psychedelic industry will have a strong drive towards sustainability. Consumers and brands alike will have a push towards eco-friendly packaging for mushroom products, while strategizing production and cultivation methods that are regenerative and sustainable. Cannabis consumers are often looking for products that have a proud sustainable background or product source, and mushroom products will be no different.

For the psychedelic industry to thrive, it is crucial to have packaging that is both safe and sustainable.

Mushroom Edibles Packaging: Kitty Bags

If the psychedelic industry pans out similarly to the cannabis industry, there are many obstacles and hurdles to come. In packaging alone, it will be crucial to remain neutral enough to be aware and compliant with product safety while staying upbeat and present in a newly competitive market.

One of our latest clients at Treeform Packaging Solutions included Kitty Munchies by Nature’s Lab – a deliciously fun micro-dosed shroom edibles brand.

“We love that Nature’s Lab is spreading happiness in the new psilocybin era. We created this gummy pouch for their yummy shroom edibles containing clear micro-dosing instructions.”

In addition to our extensive selection of packaging product options, Treeform also offers custom-branded pouches, boxes and filtered grow bags in bulk for psilocybin-based products. Our free graphic design services will help you get creative and fun with psychedelic branding and design.

Contact an Account Manager to explore our options for psychedelic product packaging!

Treeform Packaging: Bringing Innovative Packaging Solutions to Cannabis & Mushroom Industries

At Treeform Packaging Solutions, we are here and ready for the bright future of the psychedelic industry. We believe in the transformative power of cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms alike and aim to offer innovative packaging solutions that not only meet regulatory standards but also reflect the essence and values of your products.

Whether you’re a company focused on mental wellness or conscious exploration, count on us to provide packaging that aligns with your vision.



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