The Evolution of Cannabis Packaging & Design

The Evolution of Cannabis Packaging & Design

Cannabis has been in existence for thousands of years, but the rapidly emerging legal market has made it a highly sought-after and popular product. 

As the legal states and cannabis markets continue to expand, there are plenty of trends influencing both consumers and brands – but there’s one factor that has evolved into becoming a crucial first impression for consumers. 

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that may be different when shopping for cannabis products. Marijuana Business Daily reported 34% of consumers have tried out a new product or brand solely based on packaging. Additionally, 38% of cannabis consumers believe that packaging is an important factor when making a purchasing decision. 

While the cannabis industry continues to experience this significant surge, businesses are competing to create eye-catching, unique packaging for their products to stand out on dispensary shelves. 

We’re diving into the evolution of cannabis packaging over the years, plus the many trending variations of packaging designs available. 

Child-Resistant Packaging & Medical Cannabis Requirements 

The cannabis industry has grown into a legitimized medical and recreational market, which has sparked a conversation about the importance and awareness of child-resistant packaging for cannabis products.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requires all medical and recreational cannabis products to be sold in child-resistant packaging. All child resistant packaging must be certified to ensure that they meet agency standards for child resistant functionality, safety, thickness and durability. However, like many other regulations in cannabis, the requirements for child-resistant cannabis packaging vary by state. 

For instance: 

  • In Colorado, cannabis products must be sold in opaque, resealable child-resistant packaging. 
  • For the state of California, cannabis products must be sold in resealable, child-resistant cannabis packaging that is certified by the state’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). 

All legal states for medical and recreational use require any cannabis product sold to be labeled with a universal symbol indicating the product contains THC (if applicable). 

Oftentimes when handling a new cannabis product, the packaging can be challenging to open. Especially with the temptingly delicious and innovative products in dispensaries today, this requirement for child-resistant cannabis packaging is designed to protect young children from accidentally ingesting these products.

Cannabis packaging with child-resistant features has evolved into promoting better safe consumption by adults and helping prevent easy access from curious children.

Today’s Variations in Cannabis Packaging 

With the level of innovative products in today’s market, your cannabis packaging should be just as exciting! 

Today’s cannabis market is more than just THC gummies and pot brownies – brands are constantly thinking outside the box for different ways to present their latest and most innovative cannabis products. 

All About the Luxury 

As demands for cannabis boom and new brands are on the rise, one of the major trends seen is the use of luxury cannabis packaging for products. Many brands have created a more high-level, sophisticated look to their packaging and material used, to appeal to a more refined audience. 

This type of cannabis packaging can include intricate graphic designs, holographic effects or multidimensional details, and even the quality of the material used

Not Your Average Plastic Bag 

Cannabis edibles have wildly grown in popularity for plenty of reasons. Not only do they taste delicious and are odorless and discreet, but it’s overall the easiest product to introduce to new users than smoking a joint. Because of this, edible packaging has evolved into being both customizable and enjoyable! 

Plastic edible pouches have proven to be the more standard and preferred packaged type for edibles, considering their lightweight but protective material and resealable zipper. Cannabis pouches can also be customized to any shape or size with plenty of real estate to on the labeling to promote your brand.

Alternatively, brands are turning to cannabis tins for a more reusable and eco-friendly option. Child resistant tins are primarily used for edibles and joints, and can be custom printed with embossing and foil or plain tins can be labeled with specific information and design. 

Sustainability Matters 

It’s no secret the need for improving sustainability in the cannabis industry is urgent. According to a research report from Green Horizons, 77% of cannabis consumers want packaging that is either recyclable or compostable. 

Luckily, no matter the type of cannabis product, sustainable cannabis packaging comes in all shapes and forms. Whether that means using recycled paper or virgin glass products for your flower, biodegradable vape cartridges, or compostable plastics – the significance of sustainable cannabis packaging is impacting customer behavior and evolving with the industry’s needs. 

Keep it Air Tight 

Cannabis jars are a form of product packaging that comes in a range of sizes to accommodate varying amounts of cannabis products. These cannabis jars and containers have expanded the evolution of cannabis packaging significantly. Materials for cannabis jars can be made from virgin glass, plastic, and eco-plastics, which can all be further customized to elevate your brand. Glass cannabis jars have grown increasingly popular considering their effectiveness in preserving the freshness of the flower.

Revolutionizing Cannabis Packaging with Treeform 

Although cannabis has been used for thousands of years, it’s important to stay relevant with the competition in today’s busy market. That means keeping up with the ongoing evolution of cannabis packaging and regulations while curating unique branding and designs that will capture the attention of shoppers

Treeform Packaging Solutions is proud to provide the widest range of cannabis packaging options for companies and brands looking to evolve and refresh their product’s presentation. With over 40 years of experience, we’re always challenging ourselves to curate creative packaging that matches your innovative cannabis product. 

Treeform offers a range of packaging options and services that can help elevate your cannabis products through innovative and evolving design: 

  • Child-resistant cannabis packaging for all cannabis jars, tubes, pouches, boxes and tins. 
  • FREE graphic design services that adhere to your brand standards while elevating the presentation of your custom packaging.
  • High-quality materials for luxury cannabis package and design. 
  • Eco-friendly paper and plastic options for cannabis products.
  • Cannabis pouches and tins in many shapes and sizes customizable to your branding. 

Ready to evolve your product into a new wave of cannabis packaging and design? Reach out to a Treeform sales representative to explore our packaging product catalog and learn about our cannabis services!



They say first impressions matter. If you’ve put the work into creating an innovative cannabis product, you need a captivating packaging solution to match! All of Treeform’s cannabis packaging options are designed to preserve the freshness and quality of your product while showcasing its unique value to curious consumers. Our extensive suite of cannabis packaging options includes child-resistant features and sustainable material options fortins, pouches, jars, tubes, and boxes. No matter the cannabis product type, Treeform has a custom packaging solution you can trust.