What's New in Sustainable Packaging?

What’s New in Sustainable Packaging?

No matter the industry, companies are continuously encouraged to reevaluate and strategize their operations, services, and products with efficiently sustainable measures in mind. 

However, one internationally respected charity is dedicated to the battle against climate change and helping companies direct more eco-friendly values. 

The World Land Trust is an organization that provides businesses with resources and programs with forward-thinking approaches to sustainability. 


About World Land Trust & Their Conservation Commitment

World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation charity that works with partners s across the globe to fund and permanently protect habitats and wildlife. 

These partnerships with the organizations support engagement in numerous environmental conservation causes. 


The WLT mission is simple – to help people across the world protect and restore their land to safeguard biodiversity and the overall climate. 

This organization has done just that, with more than 2,630,20 acres of tropical forest and threatened habitats purchased and protected globally.

The environmental conservancy and protective efforts from the World Land Trust have impacted many regions, including:

  • Argentina 
  • Belize 
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil 
  • Colombia 
  • Ecuador 
  • Guatemala
  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • And many more 

Together, more than four million acres of land are under active protection worldwide. 

The WLT’s Carbon Balanced Programme 

Additionally, the WLT has played a significant role in assisting businesses toward a positive path of environmental action and a more sustainable future. 

In 2005, the World Land Trust organization launched the Carbon Balanced Programme. This program was established to provide individuals, businesses, and organizations with the most effective method to fight climate change. After measuring the carbon footprint of you or your company, the Carbon Balanced initiative will: 

  • Help guide companies in strategizing efforts to reduce carbon footprint levels
  • Assist in offsetting unavoidable emissions
  • Raise funds for the protection of forests that store harmful carbon dioxide 

Since the outset of the Carbon Balanced programme, more than 610,000 tons of carbon have been offset through their projects – representing over $2.5 million in conservation funding.

Aside from unpredicted climate change and biodiversity loss, environmental scientists suggest we have until 2030 to cut global emissions in half. The time to act on climate change and environmental protection is now. With the Carbon Balanced program, you can be part of an effective solution.

How to Begin a Carbon-Balanced Journey 

Through the Carbon Balanced program, WLT offers a responsible, sustainable, and effective choice for the global climate. It’s established for protecting threatened habitats and wildlife and for your local community and business.

This environmental program for businesses adheres to three specific science-based targets (SBTS). Each is created to solidify a conservation commitment and construct a well-rounded environmental strategy for your operation: 


The first step in assessing an accurate carbon footprint is to measure the direct and indirect emissions produced by your business. 

  • Direct carbon emissions are created by an individual, such as burning fuel needed for electricity or heat. 
  • Indirect emissions are the result of an individual’s activities. This includes waste disposal, transportation, and product manufacturing. 

The Carbon Balanced program through WLT offers an audit for businesses and organizations of all sizes. These companies will then have the choice to work towards offsetting all or part of their emissions. 


Once a carbon footprint has been measured and you have determined your offset goals, you can now work toward reducing emissions. The most helpful approach is to target and solve the source of these emissions as much as possible – this could be through: 

  • Efficiency measures 
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Renewable energy
  • Financial investments to improve your business operation

With the World Land Trust’s exclusive reputation and wide global reach, this organization will provide businesses with a comprehensive list of organizations, resources, and services to make their business more sustainable.


Lastly, balancing residual and unavoidable emissions is the most important step in this global effort toward climate change. WLT and the Carbon Balanced program offer cost-effectively priced carbon offsets. Often quantified and traded commercially, it compensates for the emissions of carbon dioxide caused by human impact. 

Overall, balancing residual emissions and offering carbon offsets helps to maximize the climate, conservation, and community. 

Treeform’s Transition Through Carbon Neutrality

The World Land Trust is positively impacting the globe with its holistic and sustainable approach toward forest protection and restoration. 

Treeform Packaging Solutions look forward to implementing these sustainable best practices into our cannabis packaging operations. We encourage our clients and partners to consider the ways they can reduce their carbon footprint as well. A commitment to conservation will not only engage your employees but cultivate a wider reach of consumers who are eco-conscious now more than ever. 

For our cannabis packaging company, transitioning through a carbon-neutral footprint means: 

  • Identifying our packaging factories’ carbon footprint and sources of direct and indirect emissions.
  • Requiring that our factories establish an emissions reduction goal for their operations (through new business models, manufacturing materials, and ancillary factories and services).
  • Enacting sustainability efforts and practices through vetted resources and services.

Additionally, as a Carbon Balanced supporter, companies like ours can help protect global biodiverse carbon sinks where deforestation and endangered wildlife are a threat. 

The World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced program is a clear and strong solution for companies directly making a positive impact on the environment. It allows you to continue business operations with ease knowing that you are making an impact. 
Ready to incorporate sustainable practices into your cannabis packaging design and products? Contact us at Treeform for more information, and stay tuned for the latest news and resources on sustainability.




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