Treeform Packaging Solutions opens a new warehouse in Concord, California

This just in: Treeform is relocating to a new office and warehouse in Concord, California! Our cannabis packaging company is expanding so quickly, we have outgrown our existing space in Alamo. In particular, our custom glass cannabis packaging is in high demand, and we recognized a need to help clients manage their supply chain more cost-efficiently. With a highly competitive cannabis market pushing budgets to the max, our clients are looking for ways to cut costs. When buying at higher quantities our clients achieve a lower cost-per-unit, but many of them don’t have the space to store the additional packaging. The brand-new warehouse allows us to keep both custom glass inventory for new orders, as well as to store existing client cannabis packaging. And! Wwe have further room for expansion.

Treeform’s new location has many benefits for both our company and customers, including…

1. Plenty of storage space

With 3,500 square feet, the new warehouse has ample room for storage, plus the opportunity for growth. Floor-to-ceiling racking provides the necessary shelving to keep our custom dispensary packaging materials in stock. Although our official move-in date is just weeks away, many products have already made their way to our new location.

2. The ability to ship custom packaging on demand

As a leading cannabis packaging supplier, our goal is to provide the highest quality service, from design to delivery — and our current space was no longer adequate to meet the demand for our cannabis packaging products.

Fortunately, the new warehouse enables us to keep more consistent inventory that we can ship immediately to our customers. In other words, we supply the cannabis packaging products you need on your schedule, which allows you to better serve your customer base.

3. A positive environment for our Treeform Packaging employees.

Conveniently located near 3freeways in the East Bay, the warehouse has seating for 20 employees, which is already fully allocated. The brand-new building has new office furniture and windows with plenty of natural lighting. Inside is an overall inviting atmosphere that we believe our staff will enjoy returning to each day for work.

4. Helping your cannabis business grow 

Every cannabis company needs room to grow — and in our case, this was in a literal sense. Providing top-notch service is a pillar of our business, and this means increasing our available products so we can ship to you as quickly as possible. From our new location, we can supply your packaging for cannabis products more efficiently so that you can focus on the many other tasks involved in running your business.

Grow with Treeform Packaging Solutions

With over 40 years of printing and packaging experience, Treeform is a cannabis packaging company that provides innovative solutions to creative cannabis entrepreneurs. We are excited about this move into a new California warehouse because it means allowing us more room for us to help your cannabis company grow, too!

Reach out to a Treeform representative about cannabis packaging options today!