With over 40 years of printing and packaging experience we know the in’s-and-out’s of providing you the cannabis packaging solutions you need, and we’re always on the lookout for new talent with a passion for entrepreneurship to bring fresh ideas to the table.

We’re incredibly excited to have one of our new hires, Nathan Curren, on the Treeform team as an Account Manager, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with him for a Q&A on what he loves about our industry and what he’s looking forward to in his new position!


Introducing: Nathan Curren, Account Manager

  • Started at Treeform in October 2023
  • Graduated Oregon State University in 2021
  • In his free time Nathan enjoys going to the gym, seeing movies and spending time with good friends!

Q: What skills have you learned since you started at Treeform?

Nathan: There are so many new skills to pick up and practice in this new role. I feel I have learned how to better communicate quantitative and qualitative information, build relationships with customers, and create proposals for customers and vendors


Q: Treeform is mostly a family business…does that feel different than other places you’ve worked?

Nathan: I’m fairly new to the professional work environment having graduated in 2021, [but] I can already tell this company is a much livelier place to work, where people are happy to come in each day and build relationships with co-workers and customers.


Q: Do you feel like you have an open floor to share ideas?

Nathan: I have not yet had a moment that I felt I couldn’t go to someone for help or brainstorming on something I am working on. Everyone understands the learning curve coming into the field and is there to support me on all the new things I am trying.


Q: What other skills are you hoping to learn/interested in learning?

Nathan: I am really hoping to become confident in the whole cannabis packaging process. From the first idea of new packaging coming in to making that creative packaging come to reality with fair pricing at a quality we are all proud of. I want to be there from start to finish on a project I run.


Q: Lastly, let’s hear a little bit about you, Nathan. What makes you happy when you’re not working? 

Nathan: In my free time I am very active at the gym and seeing lots of movies. I have always said I can enjoy just about anything as long as I’m with a good group of friends. This can be going into the city, golfing, traveling, or just hanging out at home.

We’re so glad to have Nathan as a part of the team! Interested in joining the Treeform team yourself? Contact us today.



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